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About the company

APIS is a legal information provider with more than 25 years of experience in serving legal professionals with high quality information services in the field of law. It was founded in 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Nowadays, its four offices are located in Sofia and Pazardzhik. The company maintains a flexible corporate structure with a staff of over 120 employees and around 75 sales representatives.

Presently, APIS serves the needs of more than 50,000 end-users: judges, lawyers, in-house legal counsels and experts in organisations from the private and public sector. Its highly motivated team is continuously working on the development and improvement of the existing products and services in order to meet the clients' requirements and needs.


APIS is the first private company and current leader in creating, developing and selling legal information systems on the Bulgarian market. The firm was established in 1989 by Vasil Hristovich. In the beginning its main activities were related to broadcasting legal information publications, including a monthly issue called “Collection of Laws”.

In 1993 the company started developing its own legal software, focusing on information-retrieval systems and the provision of information services.

In the following years a highly-qualified and ambitious team of software engineers, legal specialists, experts and consultants was assembled. These specialists have made possible the broadening of the product range and the creation of new information systems in the fields of finance and registers. APIS participated in its first international project as the main organizer and coordinator. The project was aimed to create a multinational and multilingual online service in order to stimulate the increase of foreign investments in European countries. The project was financed by the program eContent from the European Commission and was in a consortium with companies from Poland and Romania.

In 2006 following the company's active expansion in the sphere of European Law, APIS Europe JSC was established as a separate company.

In the end of 2010, answering the dynamically changing clients' needs, APIS launched a new integrated legal information system called APIS 7 on the market. It combines new technologies and functionalities with convenient design, providing:

  • quick access to the reference texts of provisions and filtering the case law practice, according to related provisions

  • improved visualization results and sorting, in accordance with the search criteria

  • customization of filters and structural representation of the information from State gazette

  • SMS and e-mail notification if changes in a certain legal act (pointed out by the user) occur.

In addition, APIS actively organizes seminars, academies and meetings, with the aim of introducing and discussing important issues and novelties in the legal and economic sphere.

Furthermore, APIS offers system for quality control in the field of “Design, development and maintenance of information search systems with large databases and provision of information services”. The latest certificate - ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate was given to APIS in 2013 by Dekra Certification GMBH, a licensed quality auditor, and confirms that the company complies with the highest standards of quality in its product filed.

Using the experience gained through the years APIS Europe JSC has tackled the next challenge by reaching for the European market. For this purpose was developed the unique product EuroCases – multilingual online service containing a rich collection of national legislation and court decisions with relevance to EU law.

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