The Product:

  • 1. How can EuroCases help me with my work?

    EuroCases is a web-based service which maintains a wide and diversified collection of legal documents connected to the application of the EU law, such as European legal acts, national case law, case law of the European Court of Justice, etc. If your job as a legal professional is related to EU law, you will be able to extract the needed information in a relatively easy and fast way. The advantage of EuroCases is that with the features that it offers you can have access to the national case law, concerning EU law of Member States different from the case law in your home country. If there is no case law in your home country related to an important legal topic for you, you may search for the national case law of other Member States and the case law of the European Court of Justice.

  • 2. How can Tax & Financial Standards help me with my work?

    Getting to know the requirements for uniform application of the current tax system via the established by the European Union directives and regulations. In particular with respect to the taxpayers, the supply of goods and services and place of taxable transactions. Opportunities for application of national rules in the areas not covered by EU regulations.

  • 3. What is the add value of EuroCases compared to other free data resources?

    EuroCases aggregates data from more than 50 national and European sources. Experienced editors annotate recent judgments with EU relevance of the leading jurisdictions in Austria, France, Germany and the United Kingdom on a daily basis by adding keywords and classification headings. Summaries of the most important cases are written in the language of the case and translated into English. Display of keywords and case summaries in the results lists – this feature helps users to quickly access and identify the most relevant court decisions in the search results list. Cross-links between documents – more than 18 million links have been established in EuroCases between legislative and judicial documents, thus allowing users to search documents by references, e.g. cases referring to a given provision of EU legal instrument or national cases referring to a judgment of the EU Court of Justice. Filtering search results by various criteria – jurisdiction, type of document, classification headings. Multilingual interface – the user interface is available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Bulgarian.


  • 1. How do I register?

    In order to use the options of the site (''Login'', ''Free Trial'' or ''Buy Now''), you need to register first. The form for registration has to be filled in with your personal data and comply with the requirement for compulsory fields. (There is an option to receive a promo code which can be provided by our sellers.) You have to write a valid e-mail address to receive a confirmation link. In order to fulfill the registration you need to confirm that you accept ''The General Terms and Conditions'' for the usage of the site and ''The License Agreement''. To complete the registration, open the confirmation link.

  • 2. How can I get a PROMO CODE and what are the advantages?

    The Promo Code could be provided by an e-mail after a conversation with our sales representatives or after contacting us on +359 2 40 801 40. It consists of four symbols. The standard trial period for both EuroCases and Tax & Financial Standards is 5 days and the Promo Code gives you an extra 5 days. Furthermore, when you choose to purchase our Services, you will receive a 3 % discount.

  • 3. When will I get the activation e-mail?

    The activation e-mail is sent automatically to your e-mail address. Any delay could be attributed to overloaded e-mail, spam defense or problems with your e-mail provider. In any case, if you have provided us with a working e-mail address, the activation notification should arrive by the end of the working day. If you have any difficulties receiving it, or made a mistake writing your address, you can always use the option to resend the activation link. If it has not arrived by then, please contact us: ( +359 2) 40 801 40, e-mail: [email protected].

  • 4. How do I enter the Services?

    If you want to use the Services you have to Login and choose from two options: Buy now or Free trial. After you have been registered, a big blue button, labeled “Enter the Service” will appear on the top right corner of the screen. In order to enter the service you have to click on this button.

  • 5. How do I change my password?

    The password can be changed after you log in. You have to open your profile and use the option forgotten password. You may also change your password from the Service through your profile in the ''Settings'' option.

  • 6. What should I do if I forget my username or password?

    Your username is always the e-mail address you have provided us with and it cannot be changed. In case you have forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgotten Password” option from the the ''Login'' menu.

  • 7. Can I take a free tour without registration?

    Yes. When you click on the big green button on the home page you will receive a free access to the product you have chosen without the need of registration. However, the free tour option is very limited, it gives you access only to some of the main features of the services. If you wish to have a better look at EuroCases or Tax & Financial Standards, please take the 5-day free trial.


  • 1. Do you offer free trial period?

    Yes, please look for the option ''Free Trial''. It requires a registration with an e-mail. The trial lasts for five days, but it is possible to prolong it (up to 10 days) if you receive a Promo Code. (For more information, contact us ( +359 2) 40 801 40, e-mail: [email protected]).

  • 2. How to subscribe for the Services?

    In order to subscribe for any of the Services, you first need to register by completing the registration form. Afterwards, choose the option ''Buy Now'' and follow the procedure for a subscription to the Service.

  • 3. When does my subscription start?

    Your free trial, regardless if it lasts for 5 or 10 days, starts from the moment you complete your registration. Your subscription starts from the moment you have completed your purchase order. In case you are using a bank transfer, we will give you ten days to complete the transaction, during which you will be able to use the service you have chosen.

  • 4. What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept payments by bank transfer.

  • 5. What happens with the information that you collect about me?

    The information we collect in usage or web server logs helps us to administrate the service and the site, analyze its usage, protect the services and/or the website and its content from inappropriate usage, and improve the user's experience. APIS Europe JSC will not disclose any personal information or information about your usage of our services, websites or mobile applications to unaffiliated third parties, except when required by law or unless we receive your prior consent or unless such publication is necessary for the provision of services or products that you have ordered or are currently in use. For more information about our Privacy Policy, please see the Privacy Statement.


  • 1. How to create a user?

    When you purchase more than one subscription, you (or your system administrator) need to distribute the licenses among the users. When you click on your email you have the possibility to create list of users. NOTE: Username for the user must be valid email address. The system allows the creation of two types of users: USER can only log-in in the system and CLIENT ADMINISTRATOR can edit other users, make orders and log-in in the system. You need to have at least one Client administrator. Users will have access to those services, provided to them by the client administrator.

  • 2. How to distribute the licenses among the users?

    You have an opportunity to specify the Services each user can access, by indicating them in the Services table.

  • 3. When is it possible to distribute licenses among the users?

    An active Client administrator may distribute the available licenses when creating a new user or when editing a user from the list of existing users.

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